Why is it that at every street corner where there is a cute lady selling corn, there is always some dude buying too much corn just because he wants to date her?
Even though there are other corn sellers down the road, she is the only one he keeps buying from. What do you call that? CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

He is able to finally collect her number and they chat late in the evenings. Every morning, she reminds him to come around to buy corn from her. What do you call that? MAILING LIST.

Every time he comes to buy corn…

For the past 4.1 billion years, the universe has been doing a lot of trial and errors, inventing and destroying multiple species.
Each new experiment is a slight improvement on the ones that came before it.
Particularly, for the past 300,000 years, it has been inventing humans. Each copy, a bit better than the previous ones.

No one knows what exactly nature is trying to create, but it sure has a lot of time and is cool to try things out for billions of more years.
You are just a copy of the 7.6 billion human experiments nature is conducting currently…

Patriarchy is not bad, it's what saved the human race.
Over centuries, dominant men led invasions into other territories, defended theirs, led inventions, mass migrations, establishment of new communities, and protected women by providing for them and laying down their lives to defend them during attacks.
During these years, women have played their own part in ensuring that offsprings survive and that family lineages don't close when the patriarchs die in war.
Over these thousands of years, women have been raising heavily masculine and dominant men because that's exactly what each society needed in other to survive and not go extinct.
Get the…

The reason for bride price is to verify that the man has enough finances to take care of the bride.
The world then was so crude that only the strong survive. The bride price is a safety measure by the parents of the bride.
If a woman is married unto a man that can't provide for her, penury might kill her.
Many men have backed out of marriages because of outrageous bride prices, that's exactly the intention, to scare away men that don't have the resources to take care of the lady.
If she is married unto a weak man, other men…

Whenever ancient Igbo warriors wanted to go to war, the entire military formation, thousands of soldiers will bite down on a palm frond.
They have to keep it in their mouths throughout the length of the march to the enemy domain.

Any soldier that drops theirs will be automatically executed. Because of this, thousands of Igbo soldiers could march through forests and neighborhoods without surrounding towns knowing.

This is a military ritual, there are one or two other ones that deal with absolute secrecy.
For instance, in those days, every young man is a soldier, but not women. Women only get…

In Igbo culture, death is not a bad thing or a thing to be feared, it is seen as an accomplishment.

Which means, burials in Igbo land are usually a very big feast, more like a send forth party. On the burial day, there could be one or two tears from the bereaved but the rest of the ceremony is soon taken over by dancers, singers, donors and eaters.
Yes, food eaters, people who came to the burial just to feast their bellies and drink, they don’t really give 2 spoons about the dead.

Now this is usually a costly…

About 400 years ago, there used to be a country in the southern part of today Nigeria.
It encompassed what was previously known as the eastern region, Biafra and now south east and south south.

The name of that country is Aro, historically known as the Aro Confederacy. It was established by the Aro people, comprising of the Igbos, Akwa Ibom, Cross rivers, Ijaws, Urhobos etc.
The Ijaws and Urhobos were more like trading partners to it. The activities of the Aro nation provided immense wealth for all the coastline cities and all its city states.
They fought expansion wars in all…

In Africa, most of the societal pressure experienced by budding achievers comes from total failures.
Here are some examples:
1. “Oh gosh, you bought a land and now building a house in Ibeju-lekki? I can’t do such, it’s too far. Why not build your house in Lekki phase 1?”
And this is coming from a broke ass lady living as an appendage in her uncle’s house with his family.
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2. “ah, the sun is too hot. You don’t have an AC in this your car? I can’t drive any car that doesn’t have an AC. Here…

This whole world exists only in your mind, this reality is Your reality. If you stop existing, it vanishes.

From the day you gained consciousness, You also gained the power to alter reality into any form, sequence or dimension you wish at any point in time.

The fullness of this power will be resident in you until the day you stop existing.
There are 2 main reasons people are not able to transform the world into any form they wish it to be:
1. Lack of the knowledge that it is there.
2. Lack of the understanding of how to transform it in…

The very first thing I created on earth was chaos!

Soon as I was dragged out of my mother’s womb by the head I looked around and saw doctor, nurses, light, theater and so on.

I was so confused, so I let out a loud cry, I cried so loud that they wanted to shut down the whole hospital and evacuate it.
Until one of the nurses quickly grabbed me, wrapped me up and whispered to me

"you little michiveous boy, if you dont stop crying right now, I'll push you right back into where you came from".

It was…

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Impossible is nonsense.

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