As the economy nose-dives, your gateman and cook could be your greatest threat

Dave Partner
2 min readAug 6, 2020

As the nation heads full steam into economic turmoil, the salary and wages people in the low-income class earn become worthless, this simply means crime will increase.

The greatest threat to a family living in a gated compound is not the thief that will jump the fence but the gateman conniving with the cook to kidnap them and ask for ransom.

It has been happening but the incidence of these will increase.

If you have gate men, cooks and other house-helps, I just want to ask you this morning, have you done your due diligence with respect to their KYC?

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Do you know their siblings, close relatives, and next-of-kin?

Forget what is written on paper, have you done the due diligence of going to know these people?

Do you know where they live? Have you visited? Have you found a way to verify their home address in the village? Have you verified the phone numbers of their guarantors and gone to meet them?

Have you forwarded these details to your own next-of-kin?

Do you have the phone numbers of your neighbors? Are you on your neighbor’s WhatsApp group? Does your next of kin have your neighbor’s phone number?

The person that comes to home-train your kids, have you done your due diligence on them? Do your neighbours follow you on social media and see your WhatsApp status updates when they aren’t supposed to?

Are you noticing suspicious behavior with your house-helps, cooks, and security but taking it lying-low? Are their unexplained wound marks on your child’s body?

Are you giving unnecessary second chances instead of firing on the spot?

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Have you installed a CCTV, what of a car tracker? Do you have a GPS tracker in your children’s school bags?

Have you looked at your doors and locks, is your house easy to breach? If trapped in your house, have you taught of possible escape means?

Have you got a weapon in your house to defend yourself in case of a breach?

Are all the corners in your compound well lighted at night?

What of your street? Do you have the distress phone number of the police station close to you hand-written in your room not just on your phone?

Have you made it crystal clear to them that if anything happens to you or your family that they are the first suspects?

A bad economy produces more criminals, don’t be a victim.

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