How the Igbos see death: African tradition on death and burial

In Igbo culture, death is not a bad thing or a thing to be feared, it is seen as an accomplishment.

Which means, burials in Igbo land are usually a very big feast, more like a send forth party. On the burial day, there could be one or two tears from the bereaved but the rest of the ceremony is soon taken over by dancers, singers, donors and eaters.
Yes, food eaters, people who came to the burial just to feast their bellies and drink, they don’t really give 2 spoons about the dead.

Now this is usually a costly expense on the family of the family of the bereaved.
What most men do these days when they want to die is to mandate their family not to throw a big burial party, just lay them in the ground with a handful of family members.

Even at that, the kits and kin will arrive and mandate the family to redo the burial anytime in the future when they are finally financially stable.
And so, in Igbo land, occasionally, you will see one person receive two burials.



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