Igbo language: The great Companion to the lonely!

Dave Partner
2 min readJan 20, 2022

Sometimes, loneliness is the greatest of human travails.
Nature or circumstances can make people lonely, for instance:
1. An only child
2. An only gender among siblings
3. A different thinker
4. A person who traveled to a new land
5. A marooned person such as one trapped in the ocean, desert or forest
6. A person trapped in a bad marriage
7. A widow or widower
8. A person missing a loved one
9. A person being held in captivity
10. A broken hearted person
11. A person in debt with no one to help pay it off.
12. A person trying to beat a strange ailment.

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The Igbos recognize that being alive among 7.6 billion people and still feeling lonely is one of the biggest human curses. The problem of loneliness may not be easy to solve sometimes, some lonely people slip into depression and take their own life.

Igbo wisdom believes that If God is the most powerful and can do all things, then he must be the brother, sister and companion to that lonely person.
So the Igbos call God "Nwanne otu onye", it losely translates to "companion to the lonely".

If you believe in God and you are somewhere going through a lonely life right now, always remember Nwanne otu onye 🌹