The key mental difference between the wealthy and those who will fail in life

Dave Partner
2 min readFeb 4, 2022

I have studied wealth a lot, one key difference between the rich and the poor is the ability to reinvent and respawn oneself multiple times. Unsuccessful people struggle a lot with this.

The single most important way to tell if a person will stay unsuccessful or later create huge success is how easy it is for them to reinvent themselves into new careers, locations, languages, responsibilities.

A newly married man who is unable to reinvent himself into a husband and a father will freakout and crash out of the marriage.

A tailor cannot grow beyond tailoring if they can’t reinvent themselves into other things like fashion design or new more profitable locations.

To grow, a software engineer must be able to respawn as a co-founder.

Many celebrities have been unable to keep their marriage because they couldn’t transform from being a single popular person to being a married popular person.

If you read the history of every rich person, what you see is a human being on a continuous journey of self discovery. A person who assumes different capabilities and personalities at every new stage in life.

My point is, whatever you are doing now cannot take you to the next level, can you recreate yourself into the new knowledge that will take you into your next realm of success.

Such transformation takes time and some degree of suffering. You can’t melt gold into ornaments without heating it, but then, the heat doesn’t last forever. When you put yourself through transformation, a lot of learning is involved, a lot of mistakes will be made, but by the time you are coming out through the other side, you are coming out as a more powerful person who is better able to generate bigger success.

Can you do it? Or will you crash out midway and fall back to your old self?