Out of earth, to mars and beyond: why are we here?

Dave Partner
3 min readAug 28, 2020

There are only two objectives a lion completes:
1. Find food to eat
2. Procreate No matter how long a lion lives, it only does these two things. This is roughly the same with all other animals except man. Humans are the only animals that are making a conscious effort to leave this planet and get to the stars.
This is not a recent endeavor, from millenniums ago, humans have been fascinated by the heavenly bodies. We have idolized them, named them, worshipped them, and now finally, we are building spaceships to reach them. It almost appears as if man came from one of those stars and is naturally looking for ways to get back to them.

For more than a century, humans have telescopes pointing to the skies looking for aliens and very confident that one day, we will see one. Imagine searching for something you have never seen for 100 years and still adamant that it is there, that kind of confidence isn’t natural, it must be backed by something.

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However, the distance between the stars are so wide that it will take millions of years for any ship to complete the journey.

To be able to travel out of the earth and get to a habitable planet outside the solar system, humans technology needs to solve 3 technological challenges:

1. Unlimited energy: a spaceship traveling to a distant planet millions of light-years away has to have enough fuel to get there. This is why humanity is currently delving into nuclear energy.

2. Unlimited life: if a journey will take a million years, travelers should be able to live at least a million years. This is why humanity is currently trying to overcome the health challenge of death. Death puts a sad ending on all human lives, currently, scientists are exploring ways to delay or deny it. One is a sort of nano treatment to slow down or eliminate the aging of human cells. That is, if humans can be stopped from aging, then the average human will live forever if not killed manually. There are covert companies working on this technology at the moment.

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Another way is to freeze people and re-animate them several years later. This technology is being partly used for heart operations now, it will only get better in the future. There are companies that you can sign a deal with such that if you die, they will cut off your head and freeze it then bury the rest of your body.

The reason for the freezing is so that when the technology for reanimation is possible in the near future, the dead head will be transplanted into another human body and the person will come right back alive. Organ transplant is already possible, head transplant will be ready soon.

3. Unlimited speed: The third technological challenge to get to the stars is to come up with something that travels much faster than the speed of light, like millions of times faster. This is the biggest challenge facing humanity now.
The technology we have currently only move at very laughable speeds that are hundreds of times slower than the speed of light eg. Cars, airplanes, bullets etc.
According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, something interesting happens when objects move at the speed of light: they transform into energy. It is difficult to imagine what will happen if a spaceship moves faster than the speed of light. But a way around this is to travel through wormholes.

Wormholes are theoretical morphs created by the bending of gravity such that space-time is squeezed together. Imagine that there is a certain bush part that compresses the distance between Lagos and Abuja because the gravity there, though invisible, is morphed.

Experiments have proved that they exist as predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, the problem right now is that we don’t have a technology that can find out where they are currently.
If humans can solve that, transportation itself even on the surface of this planet will be transformed forever.

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