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Dave Partner
3 min readAug 7, 2022

Having a male child is just as important as having a female child. Don’t overlook it if you are building an empire that will transcend to generations.

Many mighty beautiful things that were built by great men ended because there was no son to directly inherit it and drive it further.

So why not female children? Men and women are biologically wired differently. Occasionally, you will see women that have the drive to carryon the legacy of the family and drive it to new heights, but that kind of drive is what men are wired to do by default.

Because of child birth, societal constructs, feminine upgrading, etc , that kind of world domination drive is not something many women are usually interested in.
Women have many other competing beautiful interests, the keyword there is ‘competing’.

If you don’t have a male child and you can still get one, go get one. There are many medical procedures that may help these days eg. IVF, Surrogacy etc

Not having a male child has spelt doom for many kingdoms, empires and even families.

A good example is a recent Nigerian great man of God who suddenly died, his church and everything he built collapsed instantly too.
It was almost as if someone turned off the light.

This wasn’t because he didn’t have a family, he had but they were all ladies: a very educated and smart wife, 2 daughters who schooled abroad, up to PhD I believe etc

But he had no son.

Upon his death, a familiar story replayed itself again , all his evangelists started massively looting the church and fighting his wife for the control of the church.

She had to go to court to claim ownership, unfortunately, after reclaiming the church, there was still no one to lead it the way a direct son would have.
Light off.

What of the daughters, obviously, they were never interested. They have never preached in his church and have never been seen doing any pastoral duties there.

One of them married a South African and possibly relocated. Follow me on medium.com/@davepartner

End of Solomon Grundy’s empire. Maybe a grand son or daughter will come to lead the church, but that’s at least 20 years away. A lot would have disappeared by then.

If you look around, you will see similar stories playing out. Man dies, no son, rest of family loot everything, daughters not having the sagacity to bring down the necessary violence and fight them off.

In the past, many kingdoms have collapsed because if the king dies and there is no apparent immediate heir, all hell breaks lose. All the generals start fighting for the throne, everything gets destroyed.

A good example is Alexander the great’s empire , one of the mightiest empire ever built in the history of the world by one man ended upon his death because he was busy conquering nations and didn’t produce a successor.

Every family is a small kingdom.

If a couple has sincerely tried to produce a son and failed, it is understandable. But if they have not even tried at all, the ending might be too interesting, even for them.

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