Why Cows are not real animals, they are man-made (read this)

Dave Partner
3 min readFeb 23, 2022


So the other day I posted that cows were not naturally occurring animals, they are man-made, and many people doubted it.

Well, cows are not the only man-made animals in our lives:
1. Cats
2. Dogs
3. Horses
4. Goats
5. Sheep
6. Chickens

Are all man-made too.

But the thing with cats, dogs and horses is that they have wild equivalents. There are wild cats, wild goats, wild birds, wild horses and wild dogs.
But no wild cows.

Cows have been artificially-bred so much and genetically modified to the extent that there is nothing like it in the wild.

The animal that cows were artificially bred from is called an Auroch (or Urus). The last Auroch on earth died in Poland 400 years ago.


After humans created the first 80 cows in Iran about 10,000 years ago as proven by genetic studies, humans started hunting and killing off the Aurochs.
Within 10,000 years, the entire Auroch specie has been wiped off, living only cows, the artificial version of it.
All the cows in the world today came from those first 80 cows that were artificially bred. No other animal came from such a tiny pool of genetic diversity within such a short period.

Going forward, humans never allowed cows to breed naturally, humans kept interfering with and influencing their procreation until they became what we have now as cows.

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In 2009, some scientists launched the “Project Tauros”, they wanted to selectively artificially breed cows until they start physically looking like Aurochs again. Their aim was to release thousands of Aurochs in the wild so as to restore the natural balance.

They bred them until they got cows that looked like Aurochs, then they released those cows in the wild, guess what happened?
Almost all the cows died out soon after, the project was shutdown immediately.

Why did they die off? Because cows can’t survive in the wild. They are not real animals.

There are over 50,000 horses roaming in the wild in the US alone, dogs can easily adapt and live in the wild, dogs have even raised lost human children in the past.
Cats can live in the wild and fend for themselves, but not cows. There is no way nature could have created something like a cow, it’s so far away from the evolutionary tree that it’s no longer a real animal.

There is a scientific hypothesis called the Biophilial hypothesis. It simply says that since humans evolved along side nature, we become more human by mixing more with nature: eat more natural plants, more natural animals etc.

So how does it relate to the story?
Humans evolved for over millions of years hunting, killing and eating meat. It was recently we learnt agriculture, farming, cooking.

Even some of our forefathers in Africa here ate an almost all-meat diet all their lives and they lived well into their 90s.

So how come experts are now warning that this same red meat we have been eating for millions of years now cause heart problems and are bad for health?

Why did they suddenly start causing heart problems?

No one knows, but the likely answer is in the Biophilial hypothesis. What we now call red meat are not actually real natural animals: sheep, goat, cows and even chicken.
They are artificial, man-made munchables just like pasta or soda.
Scientists are now genetically modifying cows to have extra milk, extra muscles, no aggressive and no horns. Not that those modifications are bad, but that could explain why their meat are becoming poisonous to humans.

Tomorrow, you may hear that cow meat now causes cancer.
And that’s a prediction.

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